Educational Technology (M.A.)

ETEC 637: Simulation and Gaming


My first attempt at game development, Traveler is a math based game created using the freely available Scratch software. Encompassed in a simple to solve puzzle, Traveler is designed to aid children effectively solve addition, subtraction and multiplication equations by means of repetition.
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ETEC 712: Human Performance Technology

Basic Home Network Troubleshooting Training Unit

A personally selected project to develop a 30-minute training unit on basic home network troubleshooting for the end user.
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ETEC 704: Project Management

Hypothetical Bombardier Case

My first introduction to the world of project management, this hypothetical Bombardier scenario depicts a company experiencing a significant shortage of First Line Managers. The goal was to propose and develop a solution to the problem as a potential project manager by formulating a project charter and then a project plan.
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