Early Childhood and Elementary Education (B.A.)

Kindergarten Internship (Activity Center Board Games)

Hockey Team Board Game

A fun social game designed to teach children to verbalize their thoughts, train their memorization skills, and practice maintaining harmonious interaction among their peers.
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Silly Maple Board Game

A language based game designed to reinforce children’s knowledge of the alphabet and their performance of sensorimotor actions.
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Valentine Board Game

A fun social game designed to help children interact harmoniously with others while communicating personal opinions, affirm their personalities, and construct their understanding of the world.
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Winter Clothes Board Game

A classic style math based game designed to help children understand the concepts of addition and subtraction, and practice harmoniously interacting with others.
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* Many more exemplars of lesson plans available upon request.


Cycle 2 Internship (Grade 3 Unit/Lesson Plans)

Beneath the Surface Curriculum Unit

This theme is vast enough to effectively cover all areas of the necessary curriculum. At the same time it’s a theme that touches upon a variety of very interesting information on everything from deep oceans, to volcanoes, to dinosaurs. Lessons and activities planned with such topics in mind can lead to some incredibly creative ideas as well as provide a nice balance of concepts and hands-on learning for the students.
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Rounding Lesson

A simple but original rounding lesson, utilizing self-made ski slope rounding cards to help children grasp the concept of rounding to the nearest 10.
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* Many more exemplars of lesson plans available upon request.


Cycle 2 Internship (Observation Reports and Recommendation Letters)


A collection of supervising and cooperating teachers’ evaluation reports regarding my performance throughout the internships.
Greendale Elementary First Report
Greendale Elementary Second Report
Greendale Elementary Letter
St. Anthony Elementary Report + Letter